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Your Hospital Stay

Visiting Hours Visiting Hours

Jay County Hospital allows open visiting hours daily. If you visit after 8:00PM, please use the Main Entrance. The hours will be maintained with exception made at direct caregiver's discretion or physician's orders.

Personal Items Personal Items

There is a lot of activity in the hospital and many people are involved in your care during your stay. You may be transferred from your room or you may leave your room for a procedure. It is best to keep personal items and valuables to a minimum while you are in the hospital.

The hospital will not be responsible for patients' personal items or valuables. If you bring valuables such as jewelry, credit cards or cash exceeding $5.00, we recommend sending them home with a  family member.

Personal items kept at the bedside, including but not limited to dentures, eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and other devices such as canes and walkers are the responsibility of the patient. Be sure personal items are labeled with your name. Take care to place them where they cannot be easily misplaced or discarded. The hospital can provide you with a container for smaller items.

Medicines Medicines

If medicine is required during your stay, your doctor will prescribe it for you. If you brought your own medicine, please share this information with your health care team. We recommend you send it home or have your caregiver store it for safekeeping. Any problems with this policy should be discussed with your physician.

Bed Assignment Bed Assignment

Jay County Hospital is a 25 bed critical access hospital. Each room is private with several guest and patient chairs. You have an easily adjustable bed. Push-buttons on the side rails regulate bed height, and raise and lower your head and knees areas. You may call your health care team member by pushing the button on your side rails, or by pulling the health care call cord in your bathroom or shower. Other buttons on the side rails control lighting over your bed. Your health care team member will be happy to demonstrate their use. A color television and a telephone are provided at no charge.

Smoking Smoking

For the safety and comfort of all team members, patients and visitors of Jay County Hospital, all hospital owned buildings and grounds are smoke free.

Discharge Discharge

At the time of discharge, your nurse or social worker will review your discharge instructions with you. Discharge instructions are as individualized as you are. This is the information that you will need to have in order to care for yourself at home. Depending on your diagnosis, you will receive various printed information sheets and/or booklets, medications and/or diet instructions to assist you in restoring and maintaining your health. You will also receive information on your prescriptions that your physician may have written, and when you should follow-up with him/her after you are discharged. If your doctor has ordered home health or any equipment, the name of the company and their contact number will be provided to you.