Diabetes Self Management Program

Managing diabetes can be complex, and many people find it a lot to handle without guidance.  That’s why we have created the Diabetes Self-Management Program.  It’s a class that puts you in touch with the demands of your disease and the people who can help you manage it.  The program gives you the tools to control your diabetes – so it doesn’t control you.

In addition to offering education, the Diabetes Self-Management Program introduces you to others who are dealing with the disease and living well.  Taking part in the program leaves you more in control of your illness and better prepared to cope with the disease.  It can do the same for you.  Our diabetic program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

The classes are taught by Julayne Ross, RD – Registered Dietitian, 260-726-1835 at Jay County Hospital.  The hospital offers these classes to diabetics in the community free of charge.