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Laboratory Services

laboratory servicesOur laboratory technologists at Jay County Hospital have an average of 20 years experience and expertise in conducting laboratory testing to benefit patient care.  Laboratory testing can confirm diagnosis, evaluate progression of the disease, monitor effectiveness of medication, help physicians diagnose disease and monitor the recovery process.

We offer a full range of physician ordered outpatient laboratory and electrocardiogram (ECG) testing.

Our laboratory hours are:

• 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday - Friday
• 7 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday

OutReach Program 

As a community service, Jay County Hospital offers ongoing Health Fair testing at reduced fees. Payment is required at time of service; credit card, check or exact cash amount is accepted. Each test is permitted twice per year. 

The following test is offered for $30 per test: 

  • OutReach Profile (includes CBC w/o diff, CMP, lipid panel, uric acid, iron)

The following test is offered for $25 per test:

  • HgbA1C for diabetic patients
  • PSA prostate screening
  • TSH thyroid screening
  • Testosterone
  • Pregnancy Serum Test (hCG qualitative)
  • Blood Type (ABO/Rh)

The following test is offered for $50 per test:

  • Vitamin D 25 OH 

No appointment is required and tests will be administered Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm and Saturday 7am - noon. Your test results will be mailed to you, sending a copy to your physician is optional and the hospital will not assist in filing with insurance.  

To take advantage of this offer, please bring this form to Jay County Hospital LAB.

What to Expect with Your Venipuncture (Blood Draw) Health Screening? 

JCAHO accredited. We are a draw site for LabOne/Quest and LapCorp/PALABS.

For more information about Laboratory Services, please call (260) 726-7131. Ext. 1008.