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Surgical Unit

Surgery NurseThe Jay County Hospital and Outpatient Surgery Center offers a wide variety of surgical services and operations for the community.

Dr. Burgermeister, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Brumfield manage a surgical service which is highly experienced in all types of general surgical and gynecological procedures.  They include operations on the structures of the head and neck, chest, abdomen and extremities.  Many of the procedures are performed endoscopically with minimal incision techniques.  Some of these include operations on the gallbladder, intestines and female reproductive organs.

In addition, Dr. Burgermeister, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Brumfield have extensive procedure with breast cancer and cancers of the skin and soft tissues.  They provide all types of operations related to these structures.

Dr. Burgermeister and Dr. Brumfield’s training also included fellowships in all phases of cosmetic surgery and offers these services at Jay County Hospital.  These include cosmetic surgeries of the eyelids, nose, face, cosmetic breast augmentations and reductions, breast lifts and liposuction of various areas of the body.  They also offer advanced cosmetic techniques on the veins of the lower extremities.

We offer all types of advanced surgery on the female reproductive tract including cesarean deliveries, laparoscopic surgeries of the female organs, hysterectomies and tubal ligations.  We are also fortunate to offer outpatient tubal reversal procedures for patients who have had prior tubal ligation and desire to have further children.

Our surgeons and many of our local family physicians have a wide experience in upper and lower endoscopic procedures to evaluate the esophagus, stomach and colon for various types of disease.  They typically perform these on an outpatient basis, depending on the patient’s condition.

Dr. Ulrich, a specialist in urology, is available for appointments at our Specialty Referral Center, and performs various types of bladder endoscopy, as well as many other urological procedures.

Dr. Freeman, an experienced local podiatrist, has a wealth of experience in all types of surgeries of the feet, and provides these specialized services on a regular basis at Jay County Hospital.  Dr. Freeman has his podiatry clinic to evaluate Jay County patients each Monday morning at the Specialty Referral Center.

Dr. Kemmler, a well established orthopedic surgeon is also on staff.  He has extensive experience in arthroscopy, small and large bone fractures, as well as; shoulder surgery, knee and hip replacements.