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Jay County Hospital Foundation

The mission of the Jay County Hospital Foundation is to provide funding for capital improvements and opportunities that will enhance Jay County Hospital’s ability to deliver quality care to the residents of its service area and to support initiatives and programs produced by the Hospital that will foster knowledge and awareness of healthcare issues for the people of its service area. .

2014 Annual Campaign

The focus this year of the Jay County Hospital Foundation Annual Campaign is Cancer Awareness, Detection and Prevention. According to the National Cancer Institute, the incidence rate and death rate due to cancer in Jay County is one of the highest in the state of Indiana, and the American Cancer Society reports that more than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making healthy choices like not smoking, staying at a healthy weight, eating right, keeping active, and getting recommended screening tests.

Dr. Sulfi Ibrahim, an IU Health Oncologist who currently sees cancer patients at Jay County Hospital,  states “the earlier you detect cancer, the higher the cure rate, and the less extreme treatment is needed.” He also says, “Early detection is the best weapon we have in the battle against cancer.”

The Jay County Hospital Foundation wants to help citizens of the Jay County community and surrounding communities receive the needed screenings and education to prevent cancer from affecting more lives. So many people are unable to have preventative testing and screenings because of the cost. The Foundation “Cancer Awareness, Detection and Prevention Fund” will help cover the cost for these life-saving cancer screenings, early detection efforts, and preventative education. This Fund will also assist current cancer patients with funding they may need for treatments, therapies or services.

Your donation could help provide the tests to save lives, help reduce the number of cancer deaths...it could lead to more Jay County cancer SURVIVORS!

For more information on how you might contribute to the Jay County Hospital Foundation, please contact Vicki Delzeith, Foundation Director at 260-726-1811.


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Board of Directors:

Brad DeRome - Chair

         Wes Schemenaur- Vice Chair

  Rex Journay - Secretary

 Janet Bantz - Treasurer


  Darrell Borders              Susan Moser

Mark Goldman              Cletes Rines

  Donna Haggenjos         Trent Paxson

Phil Laux                       Vicki Tague


Ex-Officio Directors:

David Littler, JCH Board Chair

Sharon Hammers, JCH Board Member

Dave Hyatt, Hospital & Foundation CEO

Don Michael, Hospital CFO